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With no doubts, the best place in grand turk

We just got back from an amazing week in Grand Turk. We are a family from Italy with two young children age 3 and 5. We all love it. First of all the beach bungalow is very stylish, super equipped and on a great beach. The beach was always empty, basically all for us. Even when the cruises were in, no one was coming in front of our house and we almost didn’t notice them on the beach. Grand Turk is a funny place… we didn’t want to get in the crowd, and here you definitely stay out of it, but when the Cruises are in, the island from a remote place became a little amusement park. All local people are very nice and helpful. We took a boat trip (the one recommended by Drew) and was awesome. The water is crystal clear, you swim with stings ray and had beautiful snorkelling! I have to say that it took a little way to get used to the island pace and to the “non-touristic” attitude (except for cruises) but we had wonderful dinners at both hotels in the island. I recommend to rent a golf cart and explore. It is very tempting to stay just on your great beach, but, exploring the island is worth it. Governor beach, for example, has great water… we discovered it just the last day and regretted not to have been there before. Also, the lighthouse is very nice and I recommend to go once with the cruise and after without, at sunset… I have to say that at the beginning we had expectation of a more “resort” style island, and it took a little bit to understand the island, so I recommend to come with the right attitude, don’t be scared by local houses that are not always “brand new” and don’t expect to have a whole food as a supermarket, but just enjoy this little paradise where the see has colours that only a painter can imagine!

  • Stayed: August 2015

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