Vacation Rentals Turk and Caicos

An incomparable experience, if Grand Turk is your speed

I had the time of my life staying in the Beachside Bungalow on Grand Turk this year with my sister and her fiancee. Drew (the owner) has created an oasis on the island, with casual island elegance and a heart-stopping beach and vista. The three of us had reserved the Sea Gull unit, the larger side of the house, which was comfortable and well-maintained. The beds and linens are comfortable, the couches and chairs likewise, without feeling too precious to enjoy. The kitchen was perfectly functional and large enough for the three of us to be present and productive. The back doors WILL be open because the turquoise waters and soft sand are only steps away. The back porch and yard are a fun space – we shared ours with some wonderful duplex neighbours – and the hammock is, as advertised, unbeatable. We had some trouble with the grill, but nothing that wouldn’t be solved by some engineering ingenuity we were too lazy to summon (the coals need to be closer to the grate). Also, the stones on the path to the beach are sharp! Wear your sandals or walk on the grass. To the beach. Oh, you will walk to the beach! When we arrived the beach was spotted with beautiful purple flowers and deserted – deserted! The sea is like a warm bath, and every colour of blue you could imagine. I can’t really say much more about the beach, it hurts to be away, but note that this is a real beach with real coral and sea life, including sea urchins, so be aware of your surroundings and your feet, knees, and elbows in shallow water. My future brother-in-law and I snorkelled out to the shelf a few hundred yards offshore and saw barracuda, rays, and a nurse shark, but the trek back can be exhausting, and in the shallows, big arm movements can be treacherous! Grand Turk is a beautiful island to be sure, but there are really two Grand Turks; with a ship in port and without a ship in port. When the cruise ship is in, the island is bustling. All restaurants are open, steel drums are tinging, and tourists are roaming every unexplored inch of the island. It’s worth checking the ship schedule ahead of your trip and making your plans accordingly. Drew was very responsive in all of my online interactions and highly professional through the entire process. He truly wants you to enjoy your time at the property and is the best kind of contact you could ask for – because he was on site when I checked out, he drove me to the airport!

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