Vacation Rentals Turk and Caicos

Great place, but not as private as it could be

We stayed in the smaller of the 2 bungalows which were plenty of room for the 2 of us. The bungalow is fantastic with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathroom and great back porch with outdoor lounges & hammock. A great breeze comes through the place if you open the front door and back doors, as the owners ask you to only use the bedroom aircon for sleeping, which we were fine with. The bikes were fantastic and the best way to get around the island. Looking at the roads I was a bit concerned for the welfare of my behind riding on the bikes, but they have surprisingly great suspension. You are located within walking distance to restaurants and grocery stores and to where the local fishermen come in between 4/5 pm with their catch. Barbies is a must, especially for the fried conch and peas and rice. The bungalow also provides you with snorkelling gear and you can go straight out from the back of the house, or turn right and walk up the beach to the resort with the red umbrellas and there is great snorkelling there. The only negative is the cruise ship bar party venue next door. The cruise ship patrons and the staff were fine. Yes, Caribbean party music plays all day long, and fairly loud, but we didn’t mind so much as we would get out and explore the island a lot. If you plan on staying at the bungalow all day and just relaxing this might be an issue for you. My issue was with the local boys ( 6 of them) who would sit between our private beach and the cruise centre with their horses and try to sell horse rides up and down the beach to the cruise patrons. We were the only 2 people at both bungalows for the entire week we were there and thought we would have total use of the beach and 2 huts in the backyard, but the local boys would use one to sit under and drink and to tie the horses under. One day I came home from a bike ride and both huts were occupied with 2 horses seeking shelter under each hut, so I couldn’t use them. Also, the horses would relieve themselves under the huts and leave a great mess for me to have to scoop up with the shovel from the shed in the mornings. I didn’t feel comfortable sunning myself with these boys hanging around so close & with a horse 3m away from me, plus they would stay for the entire time the centre was open (8 am – 4 pm). Without these local boys, it would feel a lot more private & secluded and I would have felt comfortable sunning myself at the beach right our the back of the bungalows. Such a shame as this really is a great place

Recommended for: Families with young children, Girls Getaway, Tourists without a car, Romantic getaway, Families with teenagers

Owner response: Problem solved, but not soon enough. We are so sorry you had an unpleasant beach experience, but it is my fault. I had seen the horse guys there about 2 months ago, befriended them, and offered that if there was no one at our house they could water their horses. Unfortunately, they took complete advantage of me and my offer and overran the beach with their horses. We have since cut off the water usage and moved the palm shade umbrellas inside our fence. The tourist board officials have been notified and the guys have moved on down the beach from being directly in front of our house. So sorry we didn’t catch this right away and keep you from having to deal with it. Glad you had a fantastic time otherwise.

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