Vacation Rentals Turk and Caicos

Fantastic cottage with a stunning view

We landed on Grand Turk coming from Provo and was met at the airport. We were then driven to the cottage and got useful information on the way. We came a bit early but the cottage was finished cleaned in advance. The exterior and interior of this very nice house are actually even better in reality than it looks in the pictures (yes I know…the pictures are fantastic). We stayed in the large apartment and to our surprise when we opened the door, it was bigger than you could see in the pictures. We did not have much contact with the owners, mainly because we did not have any problems with either the house or the booking. If you are reading this and are not certain if you would like to go here or to Provo, well, it is a fairly easy choice. And on Grand Turk, I think we managed to get the best house. Thank you, Drew and Joanie, for a very nice stay in your house.

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