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Snorkeling and Scuba diving on Grand Turk Island

Seashell at Gran Turk

‘Beautiful by nature’ is the motto of the Turks and Caicos Islands, so when you fancy booking a snorkeling or scuba diving you can imagine what to expect. Stunning views above as well as underneath the sea level. Grand Turk has the reputation of being one of the more laid-back destinations in the Caribbean making it great for a beach holiday. With wall diving being the specialty on the island, and only a few minutes away from the Sandy beaches, the crystal clear waters and colorful corals will dazzle your senses and make your diving session unforgettable.

Diving Grand Turk
Diving Grand Turk
              Scuba Diving
Diving Grand Turk

 Grand Turk is home to the world’s 3rd largest barrier reef just 300 yards off of our beach! Depths go from 40 feet to 7000 feet in one fell swoop (nicknamed The Wall), the coral and fish here are absolutely amazing. Dive operators will even pick up and drop off from the sandy bottom area just down from our house. Book a diving trip to one of the great diving sites and The Wall even if you aren’t certified yet. There are a number of PADI Open Water Courses you can join to earn your certificate. Having 4 dive shops on the tiny island of Grand Turk should give you an idea of what a big deal diving here really is. Grand Turk Diving, Blue Waters Diving, Bohio Dive , and Oasis Diving are all really great and the trips are usually 3 to 6 divers at a time. Very intimate so the dive masters can spend a lot of time with each diver helping them with technique or spotting fish and cool structures. Diving the waters surrounding Grand Turk is amongst the finest diving experiences in the world because of the incredible wall sites. The transitional zones from the beach to the wall are interesting as well, with a reef architecture that is incredible. Waters are usually very calm and because of the lack of rivers or runoffs towards the ocean, the water is extremely clear making the conditions and visibility excellent.


Best Beach snorkelling locations

 Grand Turk isn’t well known for its beach snorkeling locations, but sometimes you just don’t have the time to book a diving trip.  Here are a few beach snorkeling locations that will make it worthwhile to get your feet wet.

Boaby Rock Point – In calm ocean conditions, this is the nicest beach snorkeling site on the island. There is a beautiful reef in shallow water with fish surrounding it.

Governor’s Beach – The most popular site because of the rocks from an old jetty that can be found.

Cockburn Town Beach and English Point – Both have ancient coral shelf close to the shore. Very little sea life though.

Pillory Beach – Old coral formations and a wide variety of marine life.

We also supply a map of our favorite location not listed here for our guests. Shhhh.

Diving Grand Turk
Diving Grand Turk

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