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How big is the island of Grand Turk?

Grand Turk is a small island seven miles long and one and a half miles wide.

What makes Grand Turk in the Turks & Caicos Islands so special?

There are many benefits that GT has over the main Tourist Island of Providenciales:

  • No high rises and throngs of tourists everywhere, just you and your loved one on the beach.

  • Prices for everything are much more reasonable since it is mainly an island of 4000 locals – no price gouging aimed at the tourists because there aren’t any.

  • The beaches are EMPTY and the whole island is very quiet and laid back.

  • Since there are 4000 permanent residents, there are plenty of grocery stores, restaurants, bars, and general merchandise stores.

  • Crime is nearly non-existent since there aren’t many tourists to target and because it is such a small island, there isn’t anywhere to hide.

Things that Grand Turk is not:

  • There will be no cabana boy setting up your umbrella on the beach.

  • Since you are renting our house, you will be arranging your meals yourself in our kitchen, or eating out at one of the many restaurants on the island.

  • We do not have a pool, however we do use the Cruise Center pool for free.

  • There will be no dance clubs open all hours of the night.

Our Beachsidebungalow is all about quiet relaxation off the beaten path where you can live like a local. It’s like you found your own private island!

You will need a Passport, and US citizens can have one expedited in 3 weeks if needed.

Electricity is the same as the United States, the currency is the US dollar, and you should bring a mix of cash and cards. Cash is king in the Caribbean!

We have free bikes to use, or you can rent a golf cart for the week for about $280. A car would be overkill and a golf cart is much more FUN on an island.

Getting here from the main island is easy, just an extra 20 minute flight on a local airline. ($70 round trip) When you land on Grand Turk we will have our driver waiting on you and he will take you to the house about 4 miles away.

Two of the 5 grocery stores are 100 yards from our house, we walk there everyday.

The nicest restaurant on the island is 300 yards down the beach from our house. Walking back home after dinner under the stars sure can “fan the flames”.  6 other great restaurants within walking /biking distance too.

Our island is temperate, ranging from 75 to 90 degrees year round. People come to stay with us all year long.

We have 2 internet sources for our WIFI so we are always connected.

Cell phones work fine, get an international travel package.

Each side of our duplex has 2 bedrooms and 2 private baths. Wonderful King beds in the oceanfront masters and twins in the 2nd bedrooms. Twin beds can be pushed together to make a second King to 2 couples to enjoy.

Our Larger side, Seagull has a pull out couch to enable a group of 6 people.

Both sides of our duplex are fully air conditioned. Many houses in the Turks are not.


Grand Turk