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Facebook Sale Groups 101 for your Vacation Rental

How to use Facebook Sale Groups to your advantage

I didn’t want to have this as a post on Facebook for fear that they would frown upon some of the “ideas” I have, so here goes:

1. Search for Facebook sale groups in the area that most of your clients hail from and ask to join these “yardsale” groups. I only join groups with over 20,000 members each, and I look for “Upscale Resale” type groups over used car groups. The key to this part is to use the mapping feature and move the map to hover over the town or city you are targeting. Use your laptop and go to It will show you your city, from there zoom out and zoom back in on the cities that most of your clients come from. For us, our winter clients come from the northeast and Canada. Our Summer clients come from the south, important to know because…

2. Use multiple Facebook profiles. Facebook is now limiting the amount of posting allowed each day in these Facebook sale groups. I have several Facebook profiles that I use, -my adult kids – they no longer care or use their Facebook page! Organize your facebook sale group locales by different “children”. Elizabeth is Canada and Florida, George is Maine to Conn. and Alabama, Georgia, S.C., Bobby is Michigan, N.C., Virginia, Tennessee, Etc. We start booking our Fly-To destination in the Turks & Caicos Islands about 6 months out, so in February or so I am putting ads up in the south and I need to use each “child’s” account to post about 20 ads per day. Each “child” needs a South season set of groups and a North season set of groups, this way I can make about 20 posts per “child” and use all 4 accounts which makes for about 80 groups a day. I have about 400 groups that I am a member of, hence I need several Facebook profiles to get through them all without getting put in Facebook Jail. (too much posting from one account)

3.The Post: I usually make a “sale” post that has a price and location. It is a little more time consuming, but Facebook will show you a list of all of your “sale” posts – that will be very handy later. If you just post it as a discussion, it drifts down the sale group page rapidly and gets lost, losing it’s effectiveness. Make the ad using the Facebook prompts. One large picture to really grab their attention- your most iconic VR picture you have. Write a concise header – for me it is “Beach Vacation Rental Turks & Caicos Islands, Caribbean”. Price it for a week and most people will understand. You will get a few questions on this, but much fewer than if you put in a daily price. Then just a quick blurb in the description about your place and then use “Like our page to remind yourself”. That phrasing really works well and doesn’t sound too pushy.  A good bit of your goal here is to get likes to your Facebook page so they will see your regular VR page posts you are posting on your VR’s Facebook page. In that blurb, I post a link to my VR Facebook page and a link to our website. On the sale post form it will also require you to put in a zip code, I usually make it where my VR is located. That will keep the pushback about being a scammer at a minimum since the zip and your VR location match up. 

4. Now that you have all of these “items for sale” Facebook will send you a reminder about them which you can use as a prompt to add a comment to your post. Each time you add a comment, it will push your ad back to the top and a fresh set of people will see it. Of course you can bump it yourself anytime and I usually do after a few days. The best type of bump I have found is another awesome picture instead of just typing the word BUMP in the comment section. One more picture for them to see instead of you having to type 1000 words. Posts and bumps seem to have the largest audience and most activity in the mornings during the week and Sunday nights.

There you have it. I get lots of website hits and we currently have over 6000 followers of our Beachsidebungalow Facebook page. Several bookings have been made and many more will probably come later – (they weren’t looking to book a vacation when they saw my ad, but will come back around when it is vacation time.) I also use this same venue and technique to do Public Service Announcements about how to look for and find VR’s and book them direct. I get lots of discussion and shares on those posts! P.S. All this is FREE. 

Below is an example of my post:

6 thoughts on “Facebook Sale Groups 101 for your Vacation Rental”

  1. You ROCK, Drew! Thank you for sharing this! I hope to do the same for my properties near Disney World. You are very kind and generous to share this. BTW, Turks & Caicos is absolutely the best beach vacation we have ever had. If we have the opportunity to return, I’ll definitely contact you for accommodation.
    Again, thank you so much!

  2. Very information dense and very timely. While i’m Working on it and rereading it, no rentals yet. I don’t have a stand alone website yet just a FB Page

  3. I use FB Swip Swap for my advertising locally. It works. I answer a lot of questions but it beats paying AirBnB percentages. Plus my local guests are turning into return guests and telling their friends, coworkers and family.


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