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Seashell at Gran Turk

Our Turks and Caicos Vacation Rental story.

Joanie and I fell in love with quiet Grand Turk seven years ago and just had to figure out a way to have a place here. We love it because it is off the beaten path, away from all the typical touristy places – it’s like we discovered our own private island.

It’s one of those too good to be true stories, except it wasn’t. We were here for our second time and, being a builder, I decided I would like to see some houses on the island – just to get an idea of what prices were. We had hopes that one day when the building market got better, we could possibly afford a place. I hopped in the realtor’s car and away we went, explaining very thoroughly that I had no intentions of buying anything.

She was fine with that, but did mention that there was a “screaming deal” on the island that I needed to see. Oh brother, here we go. As it turns out, there was a place that would end up selling for 75% off its original list price. After checking it out, I went back to tell the wife and we both agreed that we really have no business even considering this, but………

We went back home to Memphis and decided we should pray about it. We would pray for 2 months, that if it was the Lord’s will for us to own that duplex, then He would see fit that it was still available. If we were not supposed to buy this duplex, He could certainly take care of that by having it sold or otherwise unavailable. Two months passed and we called the realtor. With excitement in our voices we asked if the little duplex was still available ——- it was!
In fact, no one had even expressed any interest in it since we had been there 2 months ago. The rest of the story — we bought it and I remodeled the entire bungalow, new kitchens, new bathrooms (4), new roof design and material, new back porch facing the ocean, and on and on. It may have been our best decision ever! It “requires” us to go on vacation much more often than before and is a huge plus for our marriage. We get to unplug from the daily grind and focus on each other which strengthens and grows our relationship more than you can imagine. Please come to our Beachside Bungalow and see if you don’t feel the same way.


Drew & Joanie

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